Smart Cloud Marketplace

Smart Cloud Marketplace is an R&D project for cloud exchange marketplace of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It provides a proof-of-concept electronic market that allows the cloud consumers and the cloud providers to trade IaaS resources based on supply-and-demand mechanisms.
The goal of this project is to demonstrate the benefits resulting from the automated trading, and attract the potential adopters of our technology solutions, including the multi-agent framework for cloud services exchange together with the effective and efficient computational market algorithms.
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Cloud Trade Made Easy

Smart Cloud Marketplace

Significant Cost-savings

Customised automated buying and selling based on user requirements and constraints

Informed Trading Decisions

Visualise and compare the results obtained in various market mechanisms

Improved Resource Utilization

Automate your trading process with intelligent software agents that consume only what you need, when you need, and in the way you prefer (customised objectives)

Business Opportunities

Take a role of broker, create add-value services (e.g. services aggregation, group buying, customised recommendations) and make profits